Yoga - Fiction to Facts || (Video)

Two days ago was June 21, World Yoga Day and many across the planet were celebrating this day including several Christians. However, many believers have this question of whether we should practice yoga as a discipline or use its breathing exercises. Does the practice of Yoga have any hindrances to our Christian faith, etc?

The video posted is by Bro. Jerry Thomas of Sakshi Apologetics. I would like everyone who reads my blog to go through the teaching and decide if the practice of yoga is needed as a Christian or not. I leave the discerning to you.

Below is the video to watch:


The video link is posted here:

This is the description of their YouTube video:

Yoga - Ancient & Beneficial? Baba Ramdev, Sadhguru, Yogi Adityanath, etc Unveiled - By Jerry Thomas.

By any standards, the presentation on "Yoga - Fiction to Fact" was the show stealer and most anticipated.

In this recorded video, Bro. Jerry Thomas of Sakshi Apologetics Network goes to the actual and authentic sources of yoga (both ancient and medieval Hindu Scriptures) and exposes the yoga practiced by yoga gurus. 

•         Did you know that there was not a SINGLE standing asana in ancient yoga and ancient yoga is to be practiced alone and only in a cave by avowed brahmacharis? 

•         Did you know that “shoulder-standing asana” practiced by medieval yogis was to stop the so-called “life nectar dripping from moon in the head to the sun in the stomach” and thereby increase life by accumulating nectar??? 

•         Did you know that one of the reasons for Pranayama was the unscientific assumption that by restraining air in your body for a long time, you increase your life?

•         Did you know that there are hardly any benefits to physical fitness by doing yoga?  

•         Is Suryanamaskar a Yoga asana, is it ancient, what is the history behind it?

•         We have all heard at some time or the other the purported benefits of Shirsasana (Standing on your head). What is the history behind it and is it truly beneficial?

And many, many more claims investigated and presented... ALL backed up with writings of the Yoga gurus themselves and mighties such as Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Shri Adi Shankaracharya, and secular scientific studies featuring assessments conducted in controlled and monitored environments.

Hope you can be a student and check for yourself.


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