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The Inner Witness


Romans 8:14 -- For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. 

The basic way that the Lord guides His children is through His revealed Word, which is the Bible, also known to Christians as the Scripture and the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. From Scripture, we get general direction which can be termed as Logos; and through the Holy Spirit, we receive specific direction also known as Rhema.


For instance, the Bible tells us several times directly and indirectly that God has excellent plans for us, but it does not tell each one of us what that plan is. This is the task of the Holy Spirit. Because He dwells in each believer personally, the Holy Spirit is our guide into all truth regularly. He gives us this understanding and revelation that our purpose is to be in Christ and be lead by the spirit of God.


One of the ways the Holy Spirit leads us is through the "Inner Witness." This is not a voice but an impression. It is a deep "understanding" that you have in your heart. Some describe it as intuition or divine inspiration or sixth sense. The inward witness may not be an audible voice that you can listen to or articulate clearly. 


Sometimes it is like a deep ache you sense on something. This kind of discomfort works like a "sign" that you feel within your conscience that something is not true or accurate, even though it seems right and everyone tells it is correct.

At other times it may be a calm and peace that you perceive about something. As you pray about any particular area of your life, you may have an inner sense that everything will be alright. This kind of inner spiritual witness is like an "all is well" signal. 

You may sense it strongly even when your present conditions look very frightful and unsafe. As you pray and seek the leading of the Lord, take note of those internal signs you sense because they could be the Holy Spirit's approach to conversing with you.


Yesterday, I shared the YouTube video on Yoga and a few Christian brothers and sisters messaged me saying they find no harm in it as an exercise. I would like to reiterate that you must discern what is right and error. Sometimes, what may look good may not be right for us. This is why I said, I leave the discerning and choice to you.



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