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How We Can Read The Whole Bible This Year


Most individuals claiming faith in Christ have never thoroughly read their Bible. Many individuals start reading the Bible but then feel overwhelmed by the number of chapters and verses there seem to be. What we do not know is that we can read the entire bible in a year.


By splitting the Bible into everyday portions, your aim of having to read the Bible in a year can effortlessly be completed. Here is a tool, by which not only can you read the Bible on a regular basis, but we can also assist you to monitor your reading progress offline over the year. 

That says you should not have to wait until another year begins—you can begin reading the Bible now.

There are two ways to daily Bible reading: reading for personal knowledge of the Lord and reading for general awareness. 

Personal Knowledge of the Bible is achieved through deliberate, contemplative reading focused on tiny portions—an in-depth examination of books, chapters, and passages read and later studied critically and contextually.

General Awareness of the Bible is gained by the rapid reading of bigger portions—the biblical story in its whole. Both are valid views of the Bible, and Christians benefit from a healthy balance between the two. 

There are several advantages to understanding the Bible as its whole (general awareness) and in-depth about the most essential passages (personal knowledge) 


The Weekly Reading Program is my preferred daily Bible reading strategy. It is a FIVE-DAY system. 

I have begun using it in 2022 and have completed 15 days of reading. I happily recommend it.

If you are a leader/Pastor of a Church or you have a ministry or you know people who struggle to read the Bible systematically, you can share this with all of them.

It has various aspects that I really admire:


It is a year-long program that covers the whole of the Bible. Those who adhere to it will read the whole Bible in the next year.


It is a chronological system that covers the whole Bible text in the chronological sequence in which events occurred with the exception of Job which comes at the end. Thus, the Psalms appear at opportune points in David's life, the books of Kings and Chronicles are read in unison, and so forth. 

The New Testament reading begins with Mark and then Galatians because they are small books with short chapters.


An attempt to establish the practice of Bible reading is made by assisting individuals in achieving it. Throughout the year, it is designed for readers to think that this is possible.

After the reader develops a regular and habitual reading of the Bible, the reading plan is extended to lengthier writings.


This helps to contextualize the events. Despite the fact that it is chronological, it is simply a recorded chronology. Each day, the Old and New Testaments are read, and the gospels are interwoven systematically throughout the year. 

This, I believe, is a perfect compromise over a purely chronological approach in which you study the whole Old Testament before moving on to the New Testament.


This is a weekly program excluding the weekend. An advantage of a weekly (five-day plan) is that the likelihood of falling significantly behind is reduced. It is significantly more manageable with five days per week than with seven—there is always a chance to catch up. 

Additionally, it provides for a day or two of reading something new for individuals who, for example, like reading and reflecting on the sermon text on Sunday mornings or for those who do not do personal devotions on Sunday.

It is a completely free plan. Yes, fully free. Below is included a little printout that you may download, print, fold in half, and insert inside your Bible. It has boxes to check off as you finish each day and week. 

God's blessings are reserved for those who will study, comprehend, and live according to His Word.



May this advice assist you in accomplishing that worthy goal. 

Psalms 119:105 -- Thy word is a candle for my feet and a light for my path.

If you follow a different plan, please write to us or please comment below. Please share this link with others using the various social media options below. This will help others to receive information on how they can go forward to reading the Bible this year.



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