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Theology Books To Start With In 2022


Theology is for every Christian and not just pastors and ministry leaders. It is my belief that, if accompanied by prayer and obedience, the discipline and practice of studying theology will be one of the primary means of sanctification in your life. But with so many books available on the subject and many of them tough to read, so where do you start?

I have put up a list for you. This is by no means a complete list of possible options. I am certain that you or someone else could add a few more books or modify some of the books I have picked and it would still be worth looking through and reading.

Although these are titled for "beginners," these books may assist any Christian, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

In case you have not read much theology before and would want to get started, I have put together this list of the finest theology books, to begin with.

The following are listed in no particular order:

The Cross of Christ by John Stott

John Stott was one of the twentieth century's most respected writers, evangelists, and Christian leaders, and this book consistently hits the top Christian book lists; because it is consistently well-reasoned, completely scriptural, and yet perfectly appropriate for today.

As the title indicates, the collection concentrates on the Cross's core significance in Christianity - liberation from sin, but most wonderfully as the ultimate expression and testimony of God's love for His children.

The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan

John Bunyan's Christian allegory: The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come may not fit the caption of theology, however, it is widely considered as a notable work of ministerial and theological fiction in English literature. It has been translated into over 200 languages and is in continuous publication.

The Westminster Confession of Faith

A magnificent piece of theological writing. I have read the copies with the longer and shorter catechisms, as well as the Scripture proofs, which is bigger. The phrases in the book are exquisitely written, and they have served the church well for many centuries. 

Few texts are more enlightening than the Confession, despite the fact that I have a few exceptions (i.e., I  may not agree with all it says). The book is both substantial and uplifting, which are two things that do not usually go hand in hand.

Far as the Curse Is Found: The Covenant Story of Redemption by Michael D. Williams 

The subtitle of this book provides a more complete knowledge of the subject matter of this book although the title is beautiful, one that borrows from a famous hymn. It is a book on the covenants in the Bible, and how they build on and relate to other covenants in the Bible, as well as to the rest of the Bible and the world. 

Throughout the Bible, the topic of the covenant is prominent, and it is one that you would do well to understand.

The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink

Arthur Pink has been one of my favourite authors. I remember reading this book while I was in theology school. 

That experience made me fall even more in love with God. The more my understanding of God, the more easily I am able to love and follow him, and vice versa. 

One of the reasons why studying theology is so essential is because of this. Currently, all of the great authors are producing books on God's qualities and character, but there is no question that they have drawn inspiration from and owe a lot to Pinks's work, which was published many years ago.

Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament by Christopher J.H. Wright

This is an excellent read. A growing number of individuals are beginning to doubt the veracity and importance of the Old Testament canon, making it imperative that more excellent publications about the Old Testament be published in our day and age. 

There is much too much scepticism toward the Old Testament, even among Christians, and this should not be the case. Is it difficult to understand at times? Yes. However, the regularity with which its relevancy is called into doubt is astounding.

Wright is called to the rescue. This is an outstanding work in which he demonstrates how the Old Testament refers to Jesus. Keep in mind that the Old Testament is what Jesus studied, cited, and followed throughout his time on earth. If you're inclined to doubt its efficacy, consider our Lord's teachings on the subject.

The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer

I can truly say that of all the books on theology that I have read except the Bible itself, the book which has had one big impact on my life is this one. 
This is unquestionably one of the best.

The Soul Winner: How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour by Charles Spurgeon

This book teaches you how to find the lost and will cause you to mourn and weep for those who are lost.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

I think Packer originally intended this book to be a collection of articles. Years later, more than a million copies of this book have been sold and counting. I have encouraged many to read this book.


I may not agree with a few other doctrines of these fine authors but these writings are clear and impacting on these topics. I recommend these personally.

I have read many books and I can say this is not an exhaustive list but enough to get you started. I will keep updating this list often.

Do write me in the comments below which book has blessed you the most other than these you have read.



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