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Our Financial Policy

Dear Saints in Christ,

We have some fantastic materials on our site that are completely free and would assist a large number of individuals if they were aware of them. Kindly forward the links and message recommendations to your friends.

Please consider this before you think of supporting Apostolic Wisdom Ministry:

  • Are you a Christian? If yes, then you are qualified to support.
  • Do you have sufficient funds to meet your family's needs? Are you certain that your contributions will not put your family's financial situation in trouble? You must prioritise the needs of your family always. If you cannot support your family, please do not support us.
  •  Do you owe any substantial debts? If that is the case, pay off those debts first. God desires for His children to live peaceful, debt-free lives. 
  •  Are you giving voluntarily, cheerfully and joyfully - without being compelled to do so by anyone or even your own conscience? God delights in cheerful givers, not in hesitant givers. Do so without any pressure. If you cannot give, do not be guilty about it. Remember it is about the heart.

After considering all these points, if you are in a position to support our ministry, then write us an email. 

Please write to godwin.s.sequeira@gmail.com. We will provide you with instructions on how to submit your contribution. 

This will help us maintain the website and also help support our faculties at the KLTC (Kingdom Life Training Centre) and any other financial commitment towards the ministry.

Always remember this: We appreciate YOU more than your giving.